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Liquid Oxygen Tank

LOX Tanks are stationary, vacuum-insulated pressure vessels for storage of cryogenic liquefied gases. Low evaporation rate, ergonomic layout of instruments and controls for ease of use, carefully selected components and outstanding build quality ensure a high degree of reliability and economy in everyday use and guarantee the longevity of the vessel.
Our vessels have been in use world-wide for decades. High quality is ensured by measures, including a quality management system complying with ISO 9001

Medical Gas Manifolds British Standard

Medical Gas Manifolds provides a centralized source of bottled gas. The unit is designed to provide a duty and standby gas supply at a constant pressure via two banks of bottled gas cylinders with status monitoring.
A standard system would feature a central control panel with a header assembly.
Digital display of bottle pressure for duty and standby banks.
Electronic control with alarm and BMS outputs for remote status indication.
The unit is designed for wall mounting as standard, however, options available include floor mounted assemblies and formats to suit customer requirements.
Also available is a high flow capable of providing a distribution flow rate up to 2500l/min.
Options – Touchscreen, BMS Modbus Digital Outputs, SMS Texting Alarm.

Medical Vacuum Plant British Standard

Medical Vacuum Plant is manufactured under BS EN 13485 Medical Devices: Quality Management Systems. It provides a centralized source of vacuum, available in simplex to multi-pump configurations dependent on individual requirement, to include complete package plant or modular format.

Pipeline-Degreased copper tube

Degreased copper tube is manufactured in the UK under BS EN 13485 Medical Devices: Quality Management Systems. All tube is manufactured under strict quality control procedures to ISO 9001:2008. CPX tube is the only British manufactured tube that is CE marked as a class IIa Medical Device 93/42/EEC with notified body British Standards Institute under CE0086.
It is suitable for jointing degreased medical gas copper fittings and other medical gas equipment CPX copper tube is designed for use in Medical Gas Pipeline System (MGPS) installations and incorporates the specialist requirement of the MGPS industry to include cleanliness, packaging and usability required to attain the levels of quality as stated particularly in HTM 02-01.

Digital Area Alarm Unit

Digital Area Alarm is used to monitor pipeline pressure within a ward, theatre, private rooms etc. The pressure is monitored via a transducer in the pipeline downstream from the last AVSU, this pressure is monitored for both high and low pressure (low only for vacuum). A fault on the cabling between the pressure transducer and alarm panel would result in a system fault alarm and as a result the integrity of the CPX cabling is incomparable.
Digital Area Alarm is available in two different and versatile installation models.
The alarm unit provides indication of 3 conditions of gas, normal, Low pressure and High pressure for up to 6 Gas services.
Each service has a green normal, red high pressure and red low pressure indication, vacuum service has a green normal and red low pressure indication and are programmed via an antimicrobial touchscreen display

Medical Gas Outlets

Medical Gas Outlets Units are designed and manufactured in the UK under BS EN 13485 Medical Devices: Quality Management Systems.  The units comprise of a first fix, second fix and a second fix valve assembly and connect medical appliances to the gas supply system.
The first fix comprises of a brass pipeline termination cylinder with a 12mm BS EN 13348 copper pipes for brazing to the fixed pipeline system, or with a NIST BS EN 18082 (non-interchangeable screw thread) connector for connection to a hose assembly. A mounting box suitable for both surface and flush installations is also provided.

Oxygen Flow Meter

Oxygen Flow Meter Manufactured under BS EN 13485 Medical Devices: Quality Management Systems and carries CE0086 Class IIb Medical Device certification

Flow meter’s shall be supplied with gas specific probes and only attach to the corresponding medical gas terminal unit, it accurately measures flow at 0-15Lpm even at variant inlet pressures. Accuracy is fulfilled within 10% to attain maximum efficiency for patient and environment.

Each flow meter is calibrated at 50 psi inlet pressure

Pipeline Accessories

All the component use in medical gas pipeline from Gas Cylinder to Flow meter. Isolation ball valve with interconnect pipeline, Plastic saddles which grab and maintain pipe strengthen power and make possible to direct flow of Gas. Many other valve, regulators, Pipes etc. use in Central Medical Gas Pipeline System 


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